Vocation for ARCHITECTURE and design

The Firm formed by NURIA RUIZ ACOSTA and ALEJANDRO-S. GAROZ PÉREZ challenges conventional solutions in architecture and approaches each project in an integral way, always looking for something special to offer its clients.

With more than 17 years of experience in the area, Nuria is an Architect graduated from the School of Architecture of Seville with a specialty in Edification.

After collaborating for more than 14 years with one of the most prestigious architects in Sotogrande, Nuria has had the privilege of working alongside the most important companies and professionals in the area and for the most demanding clients, which has given her the experience and confidence to tackle any type of project of any size.

Alejandro-S., is also an Architect from the School of Architecture of Seville with a specialty in Building. After working for a few years in an architecture studio with a focus on public development buildings in the capital of Madrid and province and taking part in socially far-reaching and relevant projects, in 2006 he decided to move to the South and join Nuria forming N+A ARCHITECTS incorporating new ways of approaching projects. Since then he has been involved in the studio's projects, both in Sotogrande and throughout the Campo de Gibraltar.

The team reinforces the passion for details and the incessant search for the special and the different, always trying to surprise the client with a proposal unique and unexpected.

With a constant line of work, N+A ARQUITECTOS carries out continuous cost control from the first sketches of the project, so as not to deviate from the final objective, leaving visible results.

Very identified with the minimalist style, but also developed in other styles, the response to each project comes from a global and meticulous analysis, both of the factors that concern the client, as well as those of the environment, regulations and economics, whether it is for live as if it is to sell.

However, many times, the true response to a project is the result of an emotion or an impulse that enhances that creative moment that, with work and effort, makes the project make sense.

With two open offices, one in Algeciras and the other in Sotogrande (from one of them located in the Sotomarket shopping center, the N+A ARCHITECTS Firm always has its a great door open to answer any questions about Architecture, Design and Interior Design.